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High Plains Predator Control Info

About HPPC:

    High Plains Predator Control is a business that was founded by Tywle Predator Call company in the winter of 2000. The business was started because of the great thrill of predator hunting and the recognition that predators, especially the coyote, are causing problems around the United States. Whether you are a Rancher who is risking your profits to the hungry predators, or a hunter/wildlife watcher who enjoys the sight of big game animals, we can prove that dense predator populations wreak havoc on both. Our mission is to work hard to keep predator populations in check, which will keep the predators and the other game animals healthy.
    Hppc's personnel consists of six part-time employee's. Predator control is not a full time job, and it is much more efficient to hire part-time employee's. They range in age from 14 up to 57 years of age, and all have the experience needed to control problem predators. In fact, their success is higher than 65% per calling stand, and over 90% on target animal removal. Because of this, we're the experts!
    Located near Albin, in southeastern Wyoming, we're in the heart of some great coyote populations. Our past years of hunting have taught us many lessons that are essential to high success rates. So, if you're having problems with predators causing havoc on your farm, ranch, pets, or just want to have some fun, call us first:  you won't be disappointed.

Employee Listing:


   DAJL-Chief Game Biologist

   COSW-Public Relationa Director



   MODL-Press Secretary

   ALAM-Operations Director

Last Updated: 11/30/02