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Professional Removal of a Specific Problem Predator

Distance From Headquarters
1-25 miles
26-50 miles
51-100 miles
1-50 miles

Note: Prices are negotiable, so please contact us for current and specific prices.

Guided Hunts
    Another service we provide is professionally guided coyote hunts. Each hunt is recorded on video, so that you can show your friends and family. A one-day hunt will run in the $200-$250 dollar range, and we will guarantee that you be successful, or we will give you a free hunt each day until you have some success. If you are interested in these exciting hunts for yourself, please contact us.

Predator Calls
!!!!Our new calls are here!!!!

Check out our video page for the new video of a coyote called in with our model 2946! We are really excited about offering these handmade calls to the public. Each one is tuned to perfection by our founder, Tywl. They come with 3 spare reeds and two extra rubber bands, plus a brief instruction booklet. Demonstrations of sounds will be uploaded to the sight in the near future.